We are experts in repairing all brands of watches. Some of these brands are Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and IWC. Art Dial Watch offers complimentary estimates on all watch repairs. Typically we will have an estimate within 21 business days. If you are shipping the watch to us and decide not to proceed with the repair, the only expense incurred is the return shipping cost. If you elect to proceed with the repair, we will absorb the cost of returning the repaired watch back to you.  Watches are shipped USPS Priority. Tracking numbers will be provided and signature is required. 

Quotes and estimates are unique to the individual problem of each timepiece. Each watch is subject to different wear and tear depending on the owner or previous owner's treatment of the piece. Therefore it is extremely difficult, in fact most times impossible, to access damage or required service through pictures or verbal/written descriptions. Please stop in and see us if you're having an issue with your timepiece. If you're not nearby please visit our Contact page for instructions on how shipping your watch to us. 

All watch repairs come with a 12 month warranty. 


  • The watch is totally disassembled.
  • Parts subject to wear and tear are replaced.
  • The watch is checked for magnetization and, if necessary, demagnetized.
  • The movement is restored.
  • The movement is checked.
  • If the client has requested, the case and the bracelet (if made of metal) are polished. In some cases with vintage watches, we would consult with the client prior. 
  • The watch is reassembled.
  • The watch's rate and power reserve are checked for 48 hours, or for longer if necessary.
  • Water-resistance is checked and verified. 
  • The bracelet and clasp of the folding buckle are checked and adjusted if requested by the client. 

If specific damaged parts (e.g., the dial, hands, glass, crown, metal bracelet, etc.) need to be replaced, these will only be changed and invoiced after you have given your authorization.
The Art Dial Watch warranty for service is 12 months.


We have every watch battery ever made. Check out our Watch Battery page for more details. 


For case and band refinishing we disassemble the entire watch and refinish the bracelet to factory standards.  If you're not happy with the factory finish, we also can custom polish your watch. 


If you're in need of any kind of crystal repair or replacement, you've come to the right place. Jewelers and even other watchmakers around the world entrust us with their crystal repairs. Whether its a simple crystal, to a custom cut piece for a discontinued model, we have the experience to make sure the crystal in your watch will be replaced or repaired correctly the first time. We have a wide selection of available minerals–  sapphire, magnified, dome, or acrylic. All crystal service and repairs are completed and performed in house by our experienced and knowledgable watchmakers. This means your watch will be returned to you much faster than if you went to a jeweler who sends these repairs out.  


As stem and crown replacement is a common repair, we carry hundreds of different types of stems and crowns. We have these parts in stock and ready to go. If you are looking for a substitution stem and crown for your work watch, or a factory ordered original replacement for your lost or damaged crown, we can help. We carry dustproof, waterproof, and screw type crown in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suite your personal preference and what properly fits your watch. Many complicated movements require a specific tool and expertise to reattached a stem and crown.  We are trained and equipped with the proper equipment in order to fix your crown or stem, the right way, the first time. Admittedly, many of our stem and crown repairs are re-fixes – jewelers who did not have the knowledge or equipment to perform the repair and subsequently tried and failed. Do not take this chance with your valued timepiece. 


Our complete watch authentication package is $40.00. The package includes authenticating the whole watch - case, dial, hands, crown, internal parts, and bracelet.  


In our store we have a wide variety and assortment of bands. Whether you're looking for a thin leather band to compliment your vintage piece or a high quality thick leather strap for your Rolex Submariner we have a selection to please everyone.  We are also an exclusive retailer of Detroit Strap Company's sport material inspired watch bands. In the event you are looking for a replacement link for a metal bracelet or need a bracelet repaired, please give us a call or stop in. We have the experience and parts available to repair watch bracelets of all brands, years, and sizes.