Q. My watch isn't keeping good time – it's losing like ten minutes per day! What does this mean?

A. Usually if your watch is starting to lose time it means it's time for a service.  Please visit our Service and Repair page to better understand what this entails. 

Q. Can you give me an estimate on a service over the phone without seeing the watch?

A. In order to give an estimate on a watch, we will need to have the timepiece in our hands. If you are unable to make it into the store, we can help arrange shipping. Please contact our store either by phone 2488092570 or email info@artdialwatch.com

Q. I am considering purchasing a watch on ebay. Can you tell me if it's a fake?

A.  As of late people have been coming up with some very good replicas. We have come across many watches that until we opened them to inspect the movement, there was no way to tell it was a fake or replica. Judging a watch's authenticity - the movement, case, bezel– by just viewing a picture is extremely difficult and with some pieces, almost impossible.  If you've already purchased the watch, please bring it in. Our complete watch authentication package is $40.00 and includes authenticating the whole watch - case, dial, hands, crown, internal parts, and bracelet.  It's a small investment for a lot of piece of mind. If you're unable to make it into the store, check out our video for some helpful tips on how to spot a fake rolex. 

Q. I just need a watch band. Maybe a battery change. Do you do that? 

A. Absolutely.  We have a wide assortment of bands and we've yet to come across a watch that we didn't have a battery in stock for. Check out our Watch Battery page for more info. And we are also an exclusive retailer of Detroit Strap Company's line of sport inspired bands. 

Q. I cracked the crystal on my vintage "insert any watch brand here." I've been turned away from every other watch store and jeweler in town. Could you help me?

A. 100%. Whether you need a original factory crystal or a custom cut crystal, we have the experience, parts, and expertise to execute the repair correctly as if it came directly from the factory. Many jewelers across the country send their customer's watches to Art Dial Watch for crystal repairs.   

Q. When I wind my watch in the morning, how long should the wind last?

A. Typically a full wind should last 18 to 24 hours. Some higher end modern watches have a power reserve topping 60 hours! If you're not getting at least 18 hours out of a windup, you might want to consider bringing it in for service. Check out our Services page to find out more about what goes into a watch service here at Art Dial Watch. 

Q. What are some things I need to consider when buying a high end watch?

A. First and foremost, you need to make sure you are buying from a creditable dealer. Research the seller. If possible, ask the seller to meet you here at the store. We have an watch authentication package that can be performed to ensure that the watch you are buying is 100% authentic and original.